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Rules & Etiquette
Rules & Etiquette
Rules & Etiquette
Rules & Etiquette

Oceanico Old Course

Rules & Etiquette


  1. Every player must have his or her own bag of clubs.
  2. Single players are allowed on the golf courses during less busy periods, subject to starter’s decision.
  3. Club bags and trolleys are not allowed on the greens.
  4. Buggies are not allowed on the tees, greens and avant-greens.
  5.  Only two players and two club bags are allowed per buggy.
  6. Dogs are not allowed in the Clubhouse or on the grounds of the golf course.
  7. Softspikes are mandatory at all courses.
  8. Children under 12 are only allowed on the golf course when specifically authorized and after Terms & Conditions have been read, agreed and signed.
  9. Practice is only allowed within the practice areas.
  10. Putting areas cannot be used for pitching.
  11. Handicap Certificate required. Recommended handicaps: 28 for Men and 36 for Ladies.


  1. Bathing attire, jeans, T-shirts, sleeveless tops and training shoes are not allowed in the Clubhouse, on the practice areas and the golf course itself. Shirts must be worn at all times.
  2. Dress code must include trousers or tailor shorts, polo shirts and golf shoes and socks.
  3. Single players should give way to groups.
  4. Any group with a free hole ahead should give way to the next group.
  5. The players looking for a lost ball should give way to the next group if the ball is not found quickly.
  6. During busy periods, the players should mark the ball on greens par 3 so that the next group can tee off.
  7. When finished on a hole the players should leave the green immediately.
  8. In the interest of all, the game should go on without delay. So please:
    • Prepare your ball, tee and tee club in advance.
    • Do not leave your trolley too far from the green or in the wrong direction for the following tee.
    • Do not mark your scorecard on the green.
    • Do not make more strokes than necessary to score when playing Stableford.
  9. Before leaving a bunker please make sure you leave it as smooth as you found it.
  10. Please repair the divots on the fairways.
  11. Please repair the pitch and spikes marks on the greens.
  12. Greens and fairways should not be damaged by clubs tests.
  13. Please follow the instructions for buggies usage.


Do not leave money, valuables or golf equipment in the locker rooms or in the car.

Note: The golf course management does not accept any responsibility for loss of and/or damage to valuables, personal effects or golf equipment.


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